Gaming and Interactive Story Telling

Since the magic of cinema and books, people’s imagination has grown and sparked. When people see their favourite characters come to life it helps them see themselves as the main heroes (or villains if that’s what suits them). This also helps people to re-enact their favourite moments with the characters they love. The beauty of […]

Get in Character – How to build the most important element of your story

One of the most important things in any storytelling, whether it is an RPG or literature, is the character. You might have heard the saying “Show, don’t tell”. It means your story should be told via action and not explaining things. And that is exactly what your characters will do in your story. We wanted […]

Adventures of Wilhelmina – Where it all began

This Children’s book project started like most of our projects, with a few wacky convos and ideas that formed from those. Unlike the other ideas, The Adventures of Wilhelmina was created before we ever even met in person and it is our original project with the Burning Squid. We wanted to write a children’s novel […]