Welcome to the Burning Squid

When a geeky writer and a gaming nerd entered a bar…. It may have started as a joke but now we look to become a serious business.The original idea for our projects formed from a myriad of casual conversations and so one day from our random ideas, the  burning squid was born.

Our vision is to intermerge the fantasy world of games and stories in new ways for all to enjoy.

For now we are performing as an independent creative project around the world of gaming and fantasy stories. In the future we hope to expand and become game and book publishers, providing interesting content to the gamers and fantasy lovers as well as people still new to the genre. Someday we would also like to offer a platform where future content creators can launch their dreams and ideas.

The flames and tentacles of The Burning Squids are located in two countries, Finland and UK. The project is runned by Andy Burns and Frida Maria Pessi. You can read more about the dynamic duo in their personal bios