Adventures of Wilhelmina – Where it all began

This Children’s book project started like most of our projects, with a few wacky convos and ideas that formed from those.

Unlike the other ideas, The Adventures of Wilhelmina was created before we ever even met in person and it is our original project with the Burning Squid.

We wanted to write a children’s novel that would feel interactive and spark our readers’ imagination. We have decided on a mixture of genres such as epic fantasy, urban fantasy and light classical horror that can be an introduction to these types of worlds to our young readers.

With our combined background in gaming and storytelling, we aim to make the chapters crammed with enough excitement so that it can be read, for example, as a light bedtime story but also encourages the reader to unravel the whole adventure. We want our story to help parents to be involved and motivate their children to want to read by themselves as well.

One of our main goals aside from making this story a published work for reading, we also later down the line wish to base some games/role-playing-books from the world we created. This includes some interactive stories that are similar to choose-your-own-adventure genres for example. These ideas will come to light further down the line and we look forward to sharing these with you closer to the time .

The Adventure Awaits

The story focuses on two young wannabe adventurers, Robin and Lila. Lila is 11-year-old daughter of an inventor and she has her own little airship called Wlhelmina. 12-year-old Robin is spending his summer with his grandfather next door while his academic adventurer parents are looking for new treasures around the world, which he finds most unfair as he feels left out. 

When Lila and Robin meet, Lila convinces Robin to embark on their own grand adventure. Lila needs to find her long lost cat and Robin just wants to do something else rather than snooze in the garden with his grandfather.

What seems to be a mundane task to begin with, somehow their escapades grow more and more epic as they come across Yetis, zombies, dragons and of course cats, a lot of cats!

The story is suitable for the whole family and especially children aged 7 to 12. Join us on The Adventures of Wilhelmina when we reveal more info about the story in our blog and social media: Facebook and Instagram.